Island View

by Miles and Mot

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Island View was created entirely from two separate places.
It calls for that longing of being with the person you are most comfortable with.

Each song tells a story that climaxes at the end.


released July 12, 2015

All songs written and composed by Miles Malferrari and Francis Vincent "Mot" Camomot
All songs mixed, produced, and mastered by Francis Vincent "Mot" Camomot

All photos by Karen De La Fuente (IG: @rocket)
All typography art by Kim Pamela Co (IG: @letteristaMNL)



all rights reserved


Miles and Mot Manila, Philippines

Miles & Mot are a songwriting duo based in the Philippines separated by around 671miles of sea and land. Miles does her parts in Metro Manila, Luzon while Mot does his in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao. The two are connected with the help of technology and the chemistry of playing together for almost 8 years.

You can email us at
Or tweet us @milesandmot or @milesmalf (miles)
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Track Name: Dangerously Close
Dangerously close to sockets
As I prod around my action figures
Flying around on modern rockets
Space used to be cool in TV boxes

Slippers and socks, running out of bed
Blankets and sheets wrapped around my neck
Stories of space all in my head
While you wished we’d move on instead

I know that’s what you want
But time is a story we make together
I’d hop back in our rocket
While all of our storms and clouds would weather

Library stacks and dollar bargains
Mixed tapes and pencils to wind them back in
Cafes and hallways we’d slip and sleep at
Talk of our favourites like Belle and Sebastian
Track Name: Spaces
The space in between your eyes
I’d cross the bridge, your thoughts inside
No traces, no weird divide
I hurt my shins, but stay the ride
Voices that stay in line
You clutter things, like forest fires
Sleeping, all is fine
I’ll stay asleep till you confide

Sleeping in the backseat
A long way from home
My feet can’t reach the floor
And I couldn’t open the doors
Nothing beside the fact
That sharp things are kept intact
The window, across my seat
Just white lines, running repeat

Running repeat

Sleeping in the backseat
A long way from home

Wake in the driver's seat, a long way from home
My feet could reach the brakes, and i closed all the open doors
nothing beside the fact that sharp things still kept intact
awake and all is fine, I'll stay awake no need to rely
Track Name: Skies
Skies, I see blue and that’s what I am inside
Clouds, floating heavily in imaginary lines
Space, somewhere beyond where no man should ever be
I don’t wanna stay afloat, I need an anchor

Always distraught
Distracted by retracted afterthoughts
Fear in places, I’ll never be
Crowded by, scary memories

Losing it again
Lying back
Floating up into the—

My education is a blur
Armchairs, vandalising slurs
Canteens where panic could stir
Caffeine and anxiety I concur
Track Name: Steering
All the / ways to / break you
Take you / control you / remake you
Changing directions / saying expressions / showing your body
Handshakes and gestures / giving and stealing

Maybe i was wasting time
I drank the gin without the lime
An empty seat right next to mine
Words prepared without a clue
To whom to give or say to who
A different night would end the same

United / divided / decided
Reliant / dependent / uncertain
Track Name: Pieces
The comfort of home, escapes him
Fleeting ideas of what could have been
Tantalising him with things out of reach
Dazzling the mind’s eye like gold on the ceiling

Should he dare go out the window
Gaze at the night sky
His head peering out
As his eyes look for the light

Maybe I’ve got nothing
Maybe you’ve got that something
Do these pieces another
Should I bother?

The distance of home, gives her fear
Feeling alone, despite being held so dear
Intangible eyes lie with things out of reach
Illusions of space and time like staring at the ceiling

Should she dare pull down the window?
Never to gaze at the night sky
If it reminds her
As her mind searches for him

Life is like a puzzle and you’re the clue
The only one I think of when I’m blue
All these memories and fragments of the past
Are only evident when I fit you last

So what if I’ve got nothing?
As long as you’ve got that something
These pieces fit no other
Someday we could be together
Track Name: Coasts
I’m lost in a mist
Clever girl I strayed the coast too far
Sailing under stars that I don’t know
I look down and the water stills

The voice in the wind
A light that beckons I approach
I taste the salt from my eyes
As I see a hand extend to me

Don’t let me down
Won’t let you go
Don’t wanna drown
We’ll take it slow
Don’t let me down
Won’t let you go
Don’t wanna drown
I’ll hold you close

Constellations form
And all my hopes realign
But we decide to ride the wind
And journey the sea of stars forever

This little box is where I keep my sentiments
My letters and other messages
And all the little things

I keep our photos in a ring
After I took them and shook the colours in
All those little wide eyed photographs
Don’t do your smile any justice
Track Name: Sweet
I have eyes
And i can see
All the things
That aren't for me

The sticks and the stones
That could break my bones
And all the words to hurt me

But you're sweet like honey
Give a run for my money
You're sweet like honey
Give a run for my money

You and i
Need to talk
About the things
That I did wrong

Don't need a chance
Or another go
Cause all I want
Is for you to know

But you're sweet like honey
Give a run for my money
You're sweet like honey
Give a run for my money

The day's so sunny
And the world's so lovely
Because you're sweet like honey
Could i be so lucky

You're sweet like honey
Give a run for my money
You're sweet like honey
Give a run for my money

I'm so sorry
That I went in a hurry
But you're sweet like honey
I was so lucky
Track Name: Lost Adventures
Wandering 'round trails and ways with nothing else but you and me
Hiding out in parks and seats the skies looping in repeat

A hand or a lift or a ticket for a train to nowhere
A guide or a light or a sign to take me somewhere
We get in lost adventures
Take me somewhere

Camping out with firewood a starry sky above our heads
A weary road behind us and ahead of us a journey still
Track Name: Darling
These days, our windows are open but never clear
In some ways, I hardly see you but I never fear
The fog is there when it’s cold or when it’s hot
My god, I wish I could see you through the spots

The hourglass just never runs out of sand
The sun and moon passing by making bands
Baby, I wanna hold your hand
I’d really like to see you through to the end
This fear of pain isn’t just pretend
If only I won’t break and bend

Darling, my eyes aren’t for anyone
And I stutter at the thought of it all
When I lay my eyes on you
I can’t not love you

Just a glimpse of your smile would be worth it
Inside, I wouldn’t regret it one bit
So I, would wait for as long as I could bear
To see, oh just so I—
Track Name: Secrets
Careful little words
Crossing rivers in our dreams
Fishing for ideas in between the streams
Oh careful little words
Hiding in the seams
When I wear them you seem to take notice

People they don't care how they bring around your airs
Tall skinny little chairs while you stand around and stare
Nothing hidden nothing seen
What is it with the Keane
You look so full on the outside but the inside's a little lean

From far in the twilight I control this
And all this time I take notice
This fear I have of never knowing who you are
Is it me or are we that far apart

Secrets are the fabric of lies
The quiet little truth inside our eyes
Their rivers under oceans and seas
Rushing against the tide
Track Name: Island View
Floating, along the coast I
See the light, the way it shines
It's hard to see it through
A fog is set in place
Only horizon sets the stage

Blue and black, dotted yellow bits
Are scattered round, a dream begets my
Distorted point of view
I want to see right through
To reach a hand outstretched to me

You and I (You and I)
Hardly ever see the
Sea, the morning breaks before we leave
Island view so close to me

I want you (I want you)
Hands on mine
Before we leave
Before the sky decides to leave no trace
Island view now stay with me